"I have managed Amanda at two organizations over the past 10 years - Re:Source Americas and most recently at InterfaceFLOR in the capacity of vice president of marketing. I consider her to be a triple threat. She brings with her a strategic capability combined with graphic design, feature writing and project management talents. That combination is rare. She also brings forth an enthusiasm and passion for her work that cannot be matched. I truly believe that Amanda is a jewel and the company that brings her on board will be thankful beyond their wildest dreams. She is a joy to work with; she is self-motivated and rivals the most talented creative directors in any industry. In my 15 years of marketing experience, I can say without a shadow of doubt that Amanda is one of the most talented employees I've ever had the privilege to work with."

Tracy Cook
15-year Marketing Veteran/Brand Strategist

"Amanda possesses a unique combination of talents not often found in one individual. She is an excellent writer with the ability to change her style to meet the needs of any project, from brand positioning to product romance to technical data. Amanda is also very creative and has a great design sense. She is able to provide art direction, as well as flash and html design, and has experience with a variety of print and online media. In addition Amanda has very strong project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects at any given time. She is able to take a project from concept to completion on time and on budget, whether designing it herself or managing the process with other writers and designers. Amanda is energetic, dedicated, hard working, and a great team player."

Rhonda Mitchell
Marketing Director

"Amanda is one of the most talented individuals I have ever encountered. I have worked with her for the last 5 years, mostly in an interactive marketing capacity. We together created the first intranet at InterfaceFLOR and a dealer portal for our carpet dealer partners. In the most recent years, Amanda played a critical role in refining our interactive strategy and introducing this industry to new and different ways of communicating to a Gen Y audience. She has an amazing set of talents and strengths that are rarely found in one unique individual. Amanda is extremely creative in her design of online and offline marketing, strategic in her process and simply brings joy to the workplace."

Mandy Nolen
Director of Interactive Marketing

"I have worked with Amanda over the past several years on a variety of print and interactive media projects, and she is one of my all time favorite people to work with! She comes to the table with a clear vision for each project. She has an enormous talent for taking ideas and concepts and boiling them down to the essence of what's needed. She is equally talented in copywriting and design, and she has the strategic ability to pull all the individual pieces of each project together in a beautiful, smart, clever way. I am a huge Amanda Wardell fan and I look forward to many more years of design, copywriting and marketing collaborations together."

Sheryl Fendley
Black Sheep Design, Inc.